Office of the Governor of Iowa

Governor Branstad

Jobs for Iowa Tour – Week 1

February 22, 2011

 “The direction that I want to chart for the state of Iowa is to reduce the tax and regulatory burden on business because it is private sector business that is going to create the jobs and grow the economy,” Branstad said.

“We have an opportunity to revitalize the state’s economy if we make the right policy decisions. First and foremost, we have got to get our state’s financial house in order. I have already presented my budget. I am here to talk about jobs,” he said.

“This is the reality of what we need to do to get the state’s house in order and to make sure we are spending less than we take in.”

He proposed replacing the Iowa Department of Economic Development with a new public-private partnership that would focus on how the state can use successful businesses and state and local governments working together to attract jobs.

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