Gov. Terry E. Branstad signs eight bills into law

April 20, 2011

Gov. Terry E. Branstad today signed the following legislation into law:

House File 484: An act concerning investment of certain public funds in companies doing business in Iran by the treasurer of state, public retirement systems in Iowa, and the state board of regents.

House File 537: An act relating to assisted living programs, including voluntary cessation of program operations and decertification of assisted living programs, and providing penalties

House File 557: An act relating to swine moved to and from exhibitions, and the duties of veterinarians, and including effective date provisions.

House File 592: An act establishing the council for agricultural education.

Senate File 243: An act expanding the definition of alternate energy production facility for purposes of compliance with electric utility rate regulation requirements.

Senate File 326: An act relating to the appointment of district judicial nominating commissioners, judicial officers, and senior judges.

Senate File 361: An act authorizing the Iowa State Fair Board to establish an endowment fund to receive gifts in trust dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of the Iowa state fairgrounds.

Senate File 438: An act relating to licensing by reciprocity for dentists.

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