Gov. Branstad signs four bills into law

July 27, 2011

Gov. Terry E. Branstad today signed the following legislation into law, while exercising the governor’s authority to disapprove of designated items in accordance with Amendment IV of the Amendments of 1968 to the Constitution of the State of Iowa:

House File 645: An act relating to the funding of, the operation of, and appropriation of moneys to the College Student Aid Commission, the Department for the Blind, the Department of Education, and the State Board of Regents, and providing for related matters and for effective date, applicability provisions and retroactive applicability provisions.

House File 648: An act relating to and making, reducing, and transferring appropriations to state departments and agencies from the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund, the Technology Reinvestment Fund, the Revenue Bonds Capitals Fund, and other funds, providing for related matters and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.

Senate File 517: An act relating to and making appropriations to the Department of Cultural Affairs, the Department of Economic Development, certain Board of Regents institutions, the Department of Workforce Development, the Iowa Finance Authority, and the Public Employment Relations Board, and addressing related matters including tax credits and including immediate effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.

Senate File 533: An act relating to state and local finances by providing for funding of property tax credits and reimbursements, by making and adjusting appropriations, providing for salaries and compensation of state employees, providing for matters relating to tax credits, providing for fees and penalties, providing for legal responsibilities, and providing for properly related matters, and including effective date and retroactive and other applicability provisions.

Gov. Branstad disapproved of items within House File 645, House File 648Senate File 517 and Senate File 533. The items vetoed are noted in the transmittal letters attached to this release.


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