Print pool for governor’s Beef Plant Tour

March 29, 2012

The following is the print pool provided by Kristi Easton of The Associated Press from the governor’s Beef Plant Tour:

The five governors and lieutenant governors spent nearly an hour learning and touring about the finely textured beef on Thursday.

The tour started in a side room, where Craig Letch, director of quality assurance, went through the steps of the process. He touched on the safety and nutrition components of the beef.

“What we produce is 100 percent beef,” he said. He said the ammonia is added to help fight against possible e. coli and other pathogens.

Two examples of raw beef material were brought out and shown to the governors. Two non-frozen packed finished products were also displayed for the officials.

The officials were then led on a walking tour through the plant after donning coats, hair nets and hats. Letch pointed out the various components of the process.

The governors pointed out that a lot of meat has higher fat content that the finely textured lean beef.