Branstad files amicus brief in support of Legislature’s role in oversight and regulation

April 27, 2012

Gov. Branstad has filed an amicus brief in the lead ammunition lawsuit brought forth by the Sierra Club Iowa Chapter against the Iowa Administrative Rules Review Committee and the Iowa DNR.

The amicus brief can be found here:

The governor filed the brief in support of the Iowa Legislature’s Administrative Rules Review Committee’s role in ensuring that regulations are reflective of legislative action and not overly burdensome.

The governor believes the determination of whether hunters should be forced to stop using traditional lead shot is the role of the Legislature, not the unelected Natural Resources Commission.

“The partnership between the governor and Legislature in reviewing proposed regulations is important to protect the citizens from overbroad and overreaching regulations,” the amicus brief states. “Respect for the constitutional powers and duties of all three branches of government, including checks and balances, is essential to our legal framework,” it continued. “Morever, it is important that administrative rules do not attempt to legislate or usurp the constitutional powers of the General Assembly, but rather to implement enacted legislation. Governor Branstad supports the defendants’ motion to dismiss.”