Gov. Branstad signs 20 bills into law

April 12, 2012


Gov. Branstad today signed the following legislation into law: 

House File 524: An Act relating to the administration of the special appraiser’s fund and the assessment expense fund. 

House File 2226: An Act relating to child abuse reports and disposition data. 

House File 2228: An Act relating to requirements for a motor vehicle operator to have control of the vehicle at all times to change lanes or reduce speed in specific situations, and providing penalties. 

House File 2231: An Act relating to residency qualifications for memorial hospital commissioners. 

House File 2292: An Act relating to confinement feeding operations confining fish, and making penalties applicable. 

House File 2305: An Act relating to the powers and duties of the Department on Aging. 

House File 2323: An Act relating to city utilities and city enterprises by making changes to requirements related to residential rental property. 

House File 2388: An Act relating to maximizing hospital-specific disproportionate share hospital payments and providing for contingent implementation. 

House File 2427: An Act relating to electrical and mechanical amusement devices concerning liability for device distributors and penalties for awarding cash prizes for the use of, or for failing to include a security mechanism on, electrical or mechanical amusement devices. 

House File 2428: An Act relating to the movement of certain combinations of vehicles on economic export corridors established by the Department of Transportation. 

Senate File 413: An Act relating to financial responsibilities of local emergency management commissions. 

Senate File 2097: An Act relating to the Department of Public Defense by making changes regarding the Iowa military code and military service, including terminology modifications and leases entered into by the Department of Public Defense and the Armory Board, and including effective date provisions. 

Senate File 2126: An Act providing for the funding of the duties of the state’s social security administrator. 

Senate File 2164: An Act to the Department of Human Services’ evaluations of criminal or abuse records of employees of health care facilities and child care facilities and homes. 

Senate File 2208: An Act relating to the confidentiality of an arrest warrant. 

Senate File 2245: An Act requiring a study and report on the establishment of a dual diagnosis treatment program for posttraumatic stress at the Iowa Veterans Home. 

Senate File 2267: An Act concerning oversight of schools offering postsecondary educational programs by the College Student Aid commission and making penalties applicable. 

Senate File 2289: An Act relating to the Iowa Disaster Aid Individual Assistance Grant Program administered by the Department of Human Services. 

Senate File 2312: An Act relating to persons with mental health illnesses and substance-related disorders. 

Senate File 2318: An Act relating to the Iowa Health Information Network, providing for fees, and including effective date provisions.