Office of the Governor of Iowa

Governor Branstad

Gov. Branstad signs five bills into law

May 2, 2012

Gov. Branstad today signed the following legislation into law:

House File 563: An Act creating the transparency in private attorney contracts act.

House File 2464: An Act relating to Department of Public Health programs and activities, providing for a penalty, and including effective and applicability date provisions.

House File 2472: An Act extending the period for determining the rates of the motor fuel tax based on calculating the distribution of ethanol blended gasoline and other motor fuel, and including effect date provisions.

Senate File 2328: An Act relating to the technical administration of the tax and related laws by the Department of Revenue, including the administration of income taxes, sales and use taxes, franchise fee, notification of annexation or severance by cities, and cigarette and tobacco taxes, and including retroactive applicability provisions.

Senate File 2332: An Act relating to enhanced 911 emergency communication systems, including surcharges and the allocation of moneys collected from such surcharges and replacing the existing surcharge on prepaid wireless service with a new surcharge collected at the point of retail sale, and including effective and applicability date provisions.