Office of the Governor of Iowa

Governor Branstad

Statement from Branstad/Reynolds Chief of Staff Jeff Boeyink on property tax reform

Jeff Boeyink, chief of staff in the Branstad/Reynolds administration, today praised House Republicans for submitting a compromise tax reform proposal that embodies all the elements necessary to forge a final agreement.

In response, Boeyink released the following statement:

“There has been general agreement between the House, Senate, and the governor’s office on the framework of a compromise.  The Senate has responded with their draft yesterday and the House has responded with their version of that understanding, today.

“There are some significant similarities in the House and Senate bills, and some significant differences.

“That said, I believe all three parties are committed to getting this worked out over the next week to ensure this unique opportunity to reduce property taxes for Iowans owning all classes of property is not wasted.”

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