Lt. Gov. Reynolds named to 100 Women Leaders in STEM

June 18, 2012

Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds was named one of the 100 Women Leaders in STEM by STEMconnector™.

“I am deeply honored to be named one of the top 100 women leaders in STEM,” said Reynolds. “As I travel across Iowa and meet with local businesses and schools, STEM becomes an increasingly important topic of the future of Iowa’s economy.”

Reynolds serves as the co-chair, with University of Northern Iowa President Ben Allen, of the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council, which created by Executive Order 74 to grow Iowa’s commitment to bolstering STEM education, STEM innovation and to better position Iowa’s young people and the state’s economy for the future.

“As part of the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council, we want to target young Iowans and give them the tools necessary to prepare for STEM careers. We want to have both the schools and businesses at the table working together and collaborating in a public-private partnership that creates solutions for Iowa’s unemployment rate and ignites opportunities for students,” said Reynolds.

STEMconnector™ publishes an annual publication called the 100 Women Leaders in STEM to honor the initiatives and careers of women promoting STEM education, business practices and workforce development across the United States. The mission of STEMconnector™ is to provide information and resources that increase communication, encourages collaboration and promotes sustainable and replicable approaches to STEM education interventions.

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