Branstad, Reynolds launch “Auditor Search” web site

April 05, 2013

(DES MOINES) – Gov. Terry E. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds today announced a new web site for individuals wishing to submit cover letters and resumes for consideration as Iowa’s next state auditor. There is also a section for recommendations for Iowans with ideas on who they would like to see as Iowa’s next auditor.

The site is found here:

“We are looking for a state auditor who will commit to a balanced budget and utilizes the principles that will get us there,” said Branstad. “We want an auditor who will continue David Vaudt’s commitment to the sound budgeting principles that got our state back on track. We hope this web site is an opportunity for Iowans to share their thoughts and participate in this process.”

The sound budgeting principles listed are as follows:

•Avoid the use of one-time money for ongoing expenses.
•Refrain from standing appropriations.
•Resist implementing new programs in the middle of the fiscal year.
•Avoid multi-year accelerating commitments.
•Accurately determine state revenue and expenses.
•Align expenses and revenue in the same fiscal year.
•Avoid funding programs through property taxes or fees.
•Reject diversion of funds statutorily authorized for a specific objective to other purposes.

“David Vaudt was our compass for state budgeting, and always worked to lead the state budget to a better place,” said Reynolds. “To have a smooth transition, and to continue the great progress we have made with the state’s finances, it is important to have someone who adheres to the sound budgeting principles followed by David Vaudt.”

State Auditor David Vaudt announced his resignation yesterday, and will serve until May 3. The governor is making the search a top priority of his administration. The governor is committed to a meticulous, thorough process to ensure the best individual is selected as Iowa’s new state auditor.