Ben Hammes announced today that he will depart the governor’s office to pursue a career in the private sector. He has served as communications director for the Branstad-Reynolds administration since Sep. 2015, and in other roles since Jan. 2014. Hammes’ last day in the governor’s office will be Thursday, June 1. His new employment will be announced at a later date.  A photo of Hammes can be found here.


“It’s been the opportunity of a lifetime to serve Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Reynolds. They have been mentors for me and both possess a leadership style and work ethic I hope to be able to strive and emulate in my daily life,” Hammes said. “Lt. Gov. Reynolds is going to be a great governor and leader of our state.  I’m also forever grateful to have served with a staff that came to work each and every day to work hard and build a better Iowa.”


Hammes served as the third communications director for Branstad-Reynolds since they took office.  Hammes succeeded Jimmy Centers, who departed in 2015.


“I want to thank Ben for the way he served Iowans every day. He was on hand for some major events over the past two years – the longest-serving governor event, the 2016 caucus season and the National Governor’s Association meeting in Des Moines,” Branstad said. “He’s served in several capacities in our administration. In every role we asked him to take on, he brought dedication, energy and his tremendous work ethic. I want to wish him well in his new endeavor.”


“Ben is a talented professional whose calm demeanor often eased tense situations,” Reynolds said. “Being a public representative of an administration is no easy task, and I admire his ability to always put the interests of Iowans first.  He did a wonderful job working for Iowans every day, and I know he will be successful in his new career.”


Hammes, 31, is a Story City native. He has a political communications degree from the University of Northern Iowa. Hammes worked for Sen. Chuck Grassley in Washington, D.C. and Rep. Tom Latham in Iowa before joining the Branstad-Reynolds administration in Jan. 2014 as director of boards and commissions and policy advisor. He lives in Clive with his wife, Morgan, and their son, Henry.