Following Gov. Kim Reynolds’ decision to appoint Adam Gregg as her new lieutenant governor, support of her decision and her pick is growing around the state.


“It was her first major test as governor and Kim Reynolds nailed it.” 

– Kathie Obradovich


“Congratulations to Adam Gregg on becoming Iowa’s Lieutenant Governor. Governor Reynolds understands firsthand the importance of having a full team in the governor’s office working for Iowans, and this appointment reflects an appreciation for the fact that Iowans deserve no less than full and functioning leadership of state government. I look forward to working with both Lieutenant Governor Gregg and Governor Reynolds on behalf of Iowans.” 

– Senator Charles Grassley


“Adam Gregg is an outstanding individual who will serve Iowa well. For years, Adam has served on behalf of our great state, helping to implement real change for future generations. This is an exciting and historic time in Iowa, and I look forward to working with the Reynolds/Gregg administration on behalf of all Iowans.” 

– Senator Joni Ernst


“Congrats @IAGovernor Reynolds on choosing Adam Gregg as Lt. Governor – a common-sense forward-thinker – to serve in this important position.” 

– Congressman David Young


“@IALTGov Adam Gregg was a fantastic choice by @IAGovernor Kim Reynolds. I look forward to working with them to grow Iowa’s economy.” 

– Congressman Rod Blum


“Adam Gregg is a tremendous addition to Governor Reynolds’ team and will bring a fresh perspective to the administration.  In working with Lt. Governor Gregg in the past, he’s shown to be a common sense, forward-thinking leader with an eye to get things done.  He is a hard worker with a deep passion for Iowa.


“I’m excited to get to work alongside the new Reynolds-Gregg Administration on our shared priorities to move Iowa forward.”

 – House Speaker Linda Upmeyer


“I applaud Governor Reynolds selection of Adam Gregg as Lieutenant Governor. His background and experience will provide great perspective and leadership for all Iowans. Governor Reynolds took the high road today in filling out her administration while avoiding a costly legal battle.


“The future is bright for Iowa and I look forward to working with the Reynolds-Gregg Administration. I was delighted to hear Governor Reynolds’ first priority, tax reform, is also our first priority. Senate Republicans will continue to pursue policies of growth next session. We are fully confident in the leadership in the governor’s office to build consensus and implement an agenda of growth.” 

– Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix


“On behalf of Iowa’s corn farmers, I would like to congratulate Adam Gregg on his appointment to Lieutenant Governor by newly installed Governor Kim Reynolds. Adam was part of the Iowa Corn Leadership Enhancement and Development (ILEAD) Class 6 in 2014 when I served as mentor.


“I first witnessed Adam’s leadership skills when I traveled with the ILEAD Class to Hebei, China where he served as the group’s spokesperson at a reception with key government officials. Through the ILEAD program, he was exposed to the many policy issues that impact the corn industry and agriculture. I know this knowledge will serve him well in his new role. It is good to see one of our own rise through the ranks to this well-deserved appointment.” 

– Bob Hemesath, Chairman of the Iowa Corn Growers Association


“Congratulations to Governor Reynolds on her selection of Adam Gregg as Lt. Governor of Iowa.  Adam is a bright, innovative leader.  He understands how to work with the Iowa General Assembly to find solutions. He has experience with budget and policy development and has been involved with several important issues to Iowans including education, property tax and health care reform.  He brings private sector experience to the office, as well.  Without a doubt, Adam will greatly complement Governor Reynolds’ Administration. ” 

– Jose Laracuente, Ankeny small business owner and community leader


Chief Public Defenders who have worked with Adam cite his leadership of the agency:


Statement of Kurt Swaim, First Assistant State Public Defender and former Democratic Chair of the Iowa House Judiciary Committee


“Adam has moved this office forward by light years during his tenure as State Public Defender.   From the establishment of the Wrongful Conviction Division to exonerate innocent Iowans, to his complete revamping of the our administrative rules to put the focus on fairness, to the implementation of online processes to improve overall efficiency and accuracy in core agency functions, Adam has improved and modernized nearly every aspect of this agency’s operations.


“Adam has a brilliant mind, a compassionate heart, impeccable character, and a resolute will to do the right thing always.  The governor’s first decision, to appoint Adam Gregg as lieutenant governor, could not have been a better one.  It’s hard to imagine a better pick for lieutenant governor.”


Statement of Aaron Hawbaker, Chief Public Defender, Waterloo Adult Office of the State Public Defender


“I am sad to learn we will be losing Adam Gregg as the State Public Defender.  As a local public defender, I have come to respect Adam's leadership abilities.  He has always been approachable and provides thoughtful insight into the difficult problems our agency faces.  Despite grappling with administrative issues related to rule changes, fiscal constraints, personnel issues and the like, Adam never lost focus on the the primary responsibility of our agency; to provide quality criminal defense to the indigent.  His ability to address those hurdles and still find ways to improve our agency will be missed but will serve him, and all of us, well in his future endeavor.” 


Statement of Michael H. Adams, Chief Public Defender, Special Defense Unit


“I have just learned the Governor Reynolds has selected Adam Gregg to be her Lt. Governor. I am conflicted by this news. 


“I have known Adam since he was appointed State Public Defender in December 2014 and became my immediate supervisor. Adam has never been constrained by convention but has always thought "outside the box," providing creative solutions to problems.  I have watched him consult with those whose opinion he trusts, and then follow with decisive decisions and actions. 


“Adam has been an excellent State Public Defender, and like his predecessors has left the office better than what it was when he took over.  I am saddened to see him leave because of the good he was doing here.  However, as much as I am saddened to see him go, I am happy and excited for Adam to be serving as Lt. Governor.  I know he will do well in that position, and continue to faithfully serve the citizens of the State of Iowa.  I wish him well."


Statement of Phil Ramirez, Chief Public Defender, Davenport Office of the State Public Defender


“While we have lost Adam Gregg as the State Public Defender, the people of the State of Iowa have gained an intelligent, compassionate, and dedicated public servant.  Adam has done a tremendous job directing indigent criminal defense as the State Public Defender of Iowa.  Under Adam’s guidance, our offices have become more efficient while providing excellent criminal defense for our citizens.  We’ve all been inspired by Adam’s dedication to the idea that all persons, regardless of circumstance, be provided the best criminal defense possible.  Adam has been an effective and zealous advocate for the State Public Defender, and will be missed by all of us.


“Adam has also worked endlessly to give our offices the individualized support needed to carry out the mission of the State Public Defender.  Adam has been accessible, responsive and leads by example.  The support that Adam has shown his employees, has inspired us all to make the SPD a model of indigent defense.  On a personal note, Adam’s leadership and compassion have made me a better advocate, and supervisor.  Adam, I will miss you, too.”


Statement of Peter Persaud, Chief Public Defender, Iowa City Office of the State Public Defender


“Adam Gregg is well respected within the State Public Defender Office. Although we will miss his supervision as the State Public Defender, we look forward to his continued leadership helping to guide and protect all people within the state of Iowa.”


Statement of Jennifer Solberg, Chief Public Defender, Sioux City


“I have been privileged to work with Adam as an attorney and as a supervisor in the Public Defender's Office.  I have always appreciated his manner of professionalism and fairness in his decisions for our agency.  His leadership style and ability to make the tough decisions during the tough times is ideal. I want to thank him for advancing technology for us during his time as our leader which made our work more efficient. Although Adam will be sorely missed by the Public Defender's Office, he will be a huge asset to the State of Iowa.” 


Statement of Roberta J. Megel, Chief Public Defender, Council Bluffs


“I was pleased, but not surprised, that Adam Gregg has been selected to be the new Lt. Governor of Iowa. He is an inspiring, responsive, energetic, knowledgeable, empathetic, and focused problem solver and leader. His guidance and insight have proven to be invaluable. He has a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities that face the citizens of Iowa. Adam Gregg has raised the bar in public defense and is a credit to the State of Iowa. I wish him continued success in his new journey.”


Statement of Brian Sissel, Chief Public Defender, Cedar Rapids


“Adam Gregg's appointment to lieutenant governor is an outstanding choice. During his tenure as State Public Defender he has provided great leadership and guidance for our office. In addition, Adam has shown compassion for not only his employees but also for all the clients his office represents. These attributes will serve the people of Iowa well.”


Statement of Joseph P. Goedken, Chief Public Defender, Ottumwa


Adam Gregg is an outstanding leader as the Iowa State Public Defender.  He is always available and helpful to the Iowa Bar Association, Iowa contract attorneys, and treatment courts.  Due to budgetary issues in the Eighth Judicial District, our Ottumwa Drug Court Program was going to be shut down.  Gregg stepped up to the plate and made funding of defense counsel possible to keep the program going.  Without his involvement, the Drug Court Program in Ottumwa would no longer exist.


Statement of indigent defense contract attorney Jeff Wright, Des Moines


“As State Public Defender, Adam Gregg instituted changes which revolutionized and modernized the Public Defender’s office.  His changes allowed the entire criminal justice system to run more efficiently.  In doing this, he has empowered Attorney’s to break away from the administrative red tape and spend their time doing the important work of representing indigent Iowans.”