Gov. Kim Reynolds issued the following statement tonight after meeting with President Donald Trump at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids. Kirkwood Community College is home to the largest two-year agriculture program in the nation. 

“I am grateful for President Trump’s efforts to break down barriers and make our state’s agriculture industry more efficient, profitable, sustainable and safe,” Gov. Reynolds said. “He understands the important role technology plays in that mission and is committed to helping innovation thrive.

“On our visit to Kirkwood Community College, President Trump and I saw the high-tech equipment used in the school’s precision agriculture program,” Gov. Reynolds continued. “Precision agriculture optimizes yields while conserving resources. Each advance made in technology is another step in the right direction for both farmers and the environment.

“I’m also encouraged by the president’s commitment to rural Internet connectivity,” Gov. Reynolds said. “So much of the technology farmers rely on requires broadband access. When availability is limited, farmers are limited too. President Trump is working with Congress to best address that challenge.

“Ambassador Branstad also understands how crucial both technology and increased trade are for the agriculture sector. The president used this evening to express what many of us feel—confidence in the good job our former governor will do promoting both our diplomatic and economic relationship in China,” Gov. Reynolds concluded.