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Gov. Kim Reynolds and Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg signed a pledge at their weekly press conference Monday to move over or slow down for utility maintenance vehicles on Iowa roads.

Iowa’s Move Over, Slow Down law was enacted in 2002 and requires drivers to move over or slow down for stopped emergency vehicles with flashing lights. On July 1st, the law was expanded to include utility maintenance vehicles.

“Utility workers already have dangerous, high risk jobs,” Gov. Reynolds said. “Moving over or slowing down protects not only those workers, but also everyone else on the road. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. It requires a commitment from every driver to watch out for each other and make sure everyone makes it home safely.”

“All 50 states have Move Over, Slow Down laws on the books,” Lt. Gov. Gregg added. “But only 12 specifically protect utility maintenance vehicles. Iowa’s expanded Move Over, Slow Down law is just another way our state is proactively cracking down on distracted driving.”

Drivers who see a vehicle stopped on the side of the road should always approach with caution. If they can legally and safely move over and change lanes to pass, they should. If they can’t move over and change lanes, drivers should slow down to a safe and reasonable speed below the speed limit and be prepared to stop.

Drivers who fail to heed Iowa’s Move Over, Slow Down law face a fine and the possibility of losing their driver’s license.

Iowa’s electric utilities have joined forces to help educate Iowans and bring awareness to the expanded law. To sign their safety pledge, log on to