Jobs, investments — and low electricity rates

In addition to having created thousands of jobs and $13.5 billion in economic investments, Iowa residents enjoy some of the lowest electricity rates in the country.

Thanks to its wind power, Iowa has attracted major corporations like Apple, whose CEO recently explained that access to wind was paramount to Apple’s decision to site two major data centers in Iowa.

In fact, Iowa has built out over twice as much wind capacity as Minnesota:

  • Wind powers 17 percent of Minnesota’s electricity, compared to 37 percent in Iowa.
  • Minnesota enjoys roughly 4,000 wind energy jobs, compared to 9,000 in Iowa.
  • The total capital investment in wind in Minnesota through 2016 was $6.8 billion, compared to $13.5 billion in Iowa.

Not bad for Minnesota, to be sure. But everything is relative, and Iowa’s kicking our tails.

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