What they’re saying: Gov. Reynolds’ first Condition of the State address

Gov. Kim Reynolds delivered her first Condition of the State address on Tuesday. The headlines in the hours to follow praised her performance.


Quad City Times Editorial: Reynolds is no place-holder

Excuse the lazy sports metaphor, but Gov. Kim Reynolds hit a triple during Tuesday's Condition of the State address. 

Tuesday's address, her first, was more than just a litany of policy asks. It was the unofficial roll-out of her 2018 re-election campaign.

And sandwiched between sometimes glowing platitudes about Iowa and its residents sat legitimate policy and a willingness to break from her former boss. Agree or not with Reynolds' politics, any objective observer will admit that she accomplished precisely what she set out to do.


Des Moines Register: Reynolds forges her own path in historic speech

Reynolds created some noteworthy moments that mark her progress toward taking ownership of the office rather than serving merely as a placeholder for her old boss.

Although her remarks were policy-driven, Reynolds did articulate an actual vision for Iowa. “My vision for the future is an Iowa overflowing with opportunity — opportunity for our working families, young people, and our communities, both rural and urban,” she said.

Overall, it was a strong first Condition of the State speech for Reynolds that helps establish her identity as governor. It should lay the groundwork for some successes this legislative session.


KCCI: Gov. Reynolds announces bold agenda in historic Condition of the State address

History was made at the Iowa Statehouse Tuesday as the state’s first female governor delivered her Condition of the State address.

Governor Kim Reynolds announced a bold agenda to lead off this legislative session, claiming the condition of our state is strong.


The Gazette: Iowa Gov. Reynolds focuses speech on solving problems

Delivering her first Condition of the State speech Tuesday, Gov. Kim Reynolds was upbeat as she declared the condition of Iowa strong “because our ability to dream is infinite and the will of our people is great.”


The Daily Nonpareil Editorial: Furthermore: Good steps seen in hiring director, governor’s speech

Creating the position (nonpartisan human resources director) doesn’t automatically change culture or prevent abusive behavior, but it may help, and it shows the issue is being taken seriously, as do powerful comments made Tuesday by Gov. Kim Reynolds in her Condition of the State address.


The Gazette: Fact Checker: Kim Reynolds’ Condition of the State address

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds focused on a handful of primary themes Tuesday in her first Condition of the State address before a joint session of the House and Senate.

The Gazette/KCRG-TV9 Fact Checker team analyzed her measurable statements about Iowa’s workforce, education, mental health care, taxes and opioids and found most were accurate.