Office of the Governor of Iowa

Governor Branstad

25% Increase in Family Incomes

From Governor Branstad’s January 14, 2011 inaugural address:

We must celebrate success. Our tax system, whether it be property or income taxes punishes those who create the jobs we need. That will change. Both will be reduced and simplified. The job creators will be rewarded; they are welcome here and it is about time our tax system reflects that fact. As with our tax system, so must our attitudes toward success, change. While our modesty in the face of success is sometimes charming, it can too often limit our reach. Alex Haley once said that we should “find the good and praise it.” In our state and in our communities, we should find success and praise it. We should reward responsible risk-taking, for it is only through the creation of a spirit of entrepreneurship that all parts of our state, rural and urban, will grow. That is the ticket to bringing our sons and daughters home and giving all who live here a chance to share in our bounty.