The Executive Council of Iowa was established in the Iowa Code of 1860 by the eighth General Assembly of the state of Iowa. The council’s five members include the Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer of State, Secretary of Agriculture, and Auditor of the State. According to code, the Executive Council has the responsibility to: 

  • Approve real estate transactions  

  • Approve leases of public land 

  • Authorize condemnation proceedings 

  • Authorize and pay special assessments 

  • Appoint legal counsel and special counsel 

  • Authorize and pay court costs and litigation expenses 

  • Settle or compromise legal claims 

  • Approve bank depositories 

  • Provide anticipatory and emergency funding 

  • Administer trust funds 

  • Act as the governing body for state employee insurance and benefit plans 

  • Canvass votes cast and required to be filed with the State Commissioner of Elections 


Current Executive Council Members:  

  • Kim Reynolds, Governor 

  • Paul D. Pate, Secretary of State 

  • Roby Smith, Treasurer of State 

  • Mike Naig, Secretary of Agriculture 

  • Rob Sand, Auditor of State 

The Executive Council’s meeting schedule, agendas, and minutes are available online on the Office of Treasurer of State’s website. For more information, call (515) 281-5368.