How to request a greeting  

Governor Reynolds is pleased to issue greetings for Iowans recognizing important milestones. Greeting requests are provided for 100th birthdays, business anniversaries, and significant accomplishments by Iowans.  

The following information will help you prepare your greeting request:  

  • Please submit your request using the online greeting request form. Requests cannot be accepted by email, mail, or phone.  
  • Requests should be submitted 4 to 8 weeks before the start of the month of the event or milestone date.  
  • Include as much information as possible with your request, including any specific details that should be referenced.  
  • The Office of the Governor reserves the right to edit or revise greetings without notice, and to decline a greeting request for any reason.  

If you have questions about requesting a greeting, please call the Office of the Governor at 515-281-5811.