DES MOINES – Today, Gov. Kim Reynolds signed SF 2144 which allocates over $21 million to flood recovery efforts and provides additional money to provide assistance to Glenwood Resource Center. SF 2144 passed both the Iowa House and Senate unanimously. 

β€œThese dollars will go to immediate needs for levee repairs and flood recovery as we prepare for this spring’s potential flooding impacts in Iowa,” said Gov. Reynolds. β€œI want to thank the Iowa Legislature for their swift bipartisan work to send this bill to my desk.” 

This bill appropriates more than $21 million to the Flood Recovery Fund within the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Last year, Gov. Reynolds proposed and with legislative support funded $15 million into the fund. Those dollars went to critical flood recovery and redevelopment opportunities in communities impacted by the devastating floods of 2019.

SF 2144 also allocates $333,000 to the Department of Human Services to support their efforts to make changes at the Glenwood Resource Center. It will be used for clinical assessments by University of Iowa staff, expert evaluations, and to provide technical assistance on process and procedures.

β€œThe legislation also appropriates money to DHS to support their ongoing efforts to make changes at Glenwood Resource Center.  I want to thank DHS Director Kelly Garcia for hitting the ground running on day one,” said Gov. Reynolds. β€œWe know that we have a long way to go, but the residents, families, and our employees will always come first and foremost.” 

SF 2144: an act relating to financial and regulatory matters by making supplementing appropriations for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2019.