DES MOINES– Today Gov. Reynolds signed SF 2142 which provides $85.5 million in new state funding for regular program budgets in the 2020-21 school year. This funding comes at a critical time for school districts looking to finalize their budgets for the coming school year. 

“Iowans can be proud of the commitment we’re making to our preK-12 schools across the state, and not just with new money, but in programs and initiatives that support educators and prepare our students for a disruptive 21st century economy,” said Gov. Reynolds. “Tomorrow's workforce is sitting in our classrooms right now and the investments we are making today will pay dividends long into the future.” 

Additionally, schools will receive $7.7 million for transportation equity and $5.9 million for per pupil equity with SF 2164, which has already been approved and signed into law. That brings Iowa’s total investment to over $3.3 billion for FY21, with nearly $100 million in new money. Since 2017, Iowa has invested nearly $13 billion into preK-12 education. 

SF 2142: an act relating to public school funding by establishing a state per cent of growth and the categorical state percent of growth for the budget are beginning July, 1, 2020, modifying provisions and references relating to the property tax replacement and including effective date provisions. 

Gov. Reynolds signed the following bills into law: 

SF2187: A bill for an act providing for the application and construction of the uniform protected series Act.

SF2250: an act relating to responsibilities of timber buyers and persons transporting timber, and providing penalties.

SF2025: an act relating to the employment of county engineers.

SF2137: an act relating to filing requirements applicable to extensions of real estate conveyances or transactions under specified circumstances. 

SF2198: an act relating to notice provisions in connection with designated consumer lending provisions.

HF2235: an act disqualifying a person convicted of human trafficking involving the use of a commercial motor vehicle from operating a commercial motor vehicle for life.

SF2091: an act providing for exemptions relating to odometer requirements, and including effective date provisions.

HF2267: an act relating to the regulation of dental hygienists and dental assistants, and the practice of dentistry, and providing administrative penalties.

SF2118: an  act relating to loan repayment for refinanced student loans under the rural physician loan repayment program, the health care professional recruitment program, and the health care loan repayment program, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.

SF2131: an act relating to credit allowed to domestic ceding insurers for reinsurance ceded to reinsurers, and including applicability provisions.

SF2132: an act relating to the legal reserve requirements of life insurance companies.

HF426: an act relating to the insurance fraud bureau, criminal history checks for licenses granted by the insurance division, and resolving inconsistencies.

SF583: an act relating to billing methods that may be utilized in connection with distributed generation facilities.

SF2134: an act relating to the manufacturing of canned cocktails by a beer manufacturer and including effective date provisions.