Gov. Kim Reynolds released the following statement after the Iowa House and Senate voted to pass House File 2647, legislation to reform policing in the state of Iowa and allow for more oversight and accountability:

“In Iowa, we know how to sit down at the table, listen to each other and work together to move forward. Over the past several days, leaders of the Iowa legislature came together with shared goals and a commitment for action. 

“This was truly a bipartisan effort with all of us working side by side. I want to thank Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad, Rep. Ras Smith, Majority Leader Jack Whitver, Minority Leader Janet Peterson, Speaker Pat Grassley, and Minority Leader Todd Pritchard for working together to bring meaningful change.”  

“These problems didn’t arise overnight and they won’t be fixed in a day. We are just getting started, but our work together shows Iowa is willing to have the tough conversations and to look past our differences to find common ground and a brighter future for all Iowans.”