Today, Gov. Reynolds signed H.F. 2627, comprehensive legislation to reform professional licensure in the state of Iowa. Governor Reynolds highlighted the stories of Mathieu Lemay, an electrician from Kanawha as well as Jim Ellis, of Price Electric, showing what licensure reform will mean for the state of Iowa. 

β€œH.F. 2627 embodies the idea that Opportunity Lives Here,” said Gov. Reynolds. β€œThis legislation is a major and meaningful step forward in reforming professional licensing in our state so that Iowans and individuals moving to Iowa can find success. I want to thank the Iowa Legislature for their efforts.” 

Watch the bill signing ceremony here

H.F. 2627 creates additional pathways and removes barriers to professional licensure in the state of Iowa:

  • Allows new Iowa residents with an out-of-state license to use their skills and training in the same licensed profession here in Iowa without additional red tape
  • Recognizes three years of work experience as a substitute for any education, training and work experience requirements
  • Waives initial licensing fees for first-time applicants of families earning less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level
  • Creates a uniform standard of review for denial of licensure based on a person’s conviction history.