DES MOINES - Iowa’s lieutenant governor was chosen to join the leadership of the National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA).  The NLGA is the professional association for the second-highest ranking officials in all fifty (50) states and the U.S. territories.   

Lt. Governor Gregg is now serving as Treasurer of the NLGA Executive Committee.  “Lt. Governor Gregg was chosen and confirmed to this position bi-partisanly by his peers from across the nation,” said NLGA Executive Director Julia Brossart. 

“I am honored to serve as Treasurer of the NLGA and lead an organization dedicated to finding common sense policy solutions for state government,” said Gregg.  

“As Treasurer, Lt. Governor Gregg will work with his colleagues to promote shared priorities and to find and foster multi-state solutions to mutual problems," said Brossart.  “Through NLGA, the nation's lieutenant governors influence the national dialogue on areas of common ground and NLGA has as its mission helping contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of states."   

The NLGA meets three times a year to chart issues and work to be pursued by the nation’s officeholders first in line of gubernatorial succession.  The next meeting is in December in Greater Cincinnati.  Lt. Governor Gregg serves until July of 2022. 

Adam Gregg serves as Iowa’s 47th Lt. Governor. He previously served as State Public Defender and Legislative Liaison for Governor Terry Branstad before being chosen by Governor Kim Reynolds to be her Lt. Governor in 2017. Governor Reynolds is a former chair of the NLGA, serving from July 2015 to July 2016.