Gov. Reynolds released the following statement today in response to HF2355 and SF2383 passing: 

“The success of Iowa’s robust economy is driven by employed Iowans and their hard work ethic.  Today the Iowa legislature passed two bills that will help bolster our workforce in Iowa.  

“I’ve worked tirelessly to find ways to reinvigorate our workforce and make it more attractive for recruitment and retention of workers. With more than 85,000 job openings in our state, we cannot afford to leave any employable Iowans on the sidelines.  

“We’ve realigned our state’s workforce agency to serve as a reemployment agency providing more dedicated, one-on-one career coaching, and to make the process for Iowans to reenter the workforce as simple and efficient as possible. We want to ensure that every employable Iowan finds a meaningful and fulfilling job within our state."