Today Gov. Reynolds signed the following five bills into law, in addition to HF2128, the Biofuels Bill: 

HF2521 A bill for an act relating to health care employment agencies, and providing penalties. 

HF736 A bill for an act relating to limitations on activities related to paid claims under the Medicaid program, and including effective date provisions. 

HF803 A bill for an act relating to duties performed by physician assistants. 

HF2562 A bill for an act relating to property law, including mobile homes and manufactured housing, rental agreements, landlord and tenant remedies for retaliation, wrongful failure to provide essential services, rent increases, the sale of manufactured home community or mobile home park, regulation by counties and cities of continuing nonconforming uses of manufactured, modular, and mobile homes, forcible entry and detainer actions, abandoned mobile homes, and including effective date and applicability provisions. 

HF2475 A bill for an act providing for the removal of municipal utility board members under specified circumstances and including effective date provisions.