Today, Governor Reynolds signed the following bills into law:  
SF333 A bill for an act relating to authorized emergency vehicles, making penalties applicable, and including effective date and applicability provisions. 
SF551 A bill for an act relating to fire fighters and emergency medical services members operating certain vehicles. 
HF604 A bill for an act relating to language and literacy development for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. 
SF2287 A bill for an act relating to used catalytic converter transactions, providing penalties, and making penalties applicable. 
HF2252 A bill for an act relating to programs and services under the purview of the department of human services including child care assistance, child and family services, foster care, adoption, and the dependent adult abuse information registry. 
HF2507 A bill for an act relating to juvenile justice including juvenile delinquency, child in need of assistance and family in need of assistance proceedings, juvenile justice reform, and juvenile court expenses and costs, and including effective date, applicability, and retroactive applicability provisions, and making appropriations. 
HF2412 A bill for an act requiring radon testing and mitigation in public schools, and including applicability provisions. 
SF463 A bill for an act establishing the occupational therapy licensure compact and the audiology and speech language pathology interstate compact. 
HF2239 A bill for an act relating to the discovery of evidence in a criminal or postconviction relief action involving victims of sexual abuse, and the admissibility of evidence in a prosecution for physical abuse or a sexual offense upon or against a child, person with an intellectual disability, person with a cognitive impairment, or person with a developmental disability. 
SF577 A bill for an act relating to a certificate of nonviable birth. 
SF2334 A bill for an act relating to shotguns that may be used to hunt turkey. 
SF2190 A bill for an act relating to the use of child labor for certain bakery machine occupations utilizing pizza dough rollers.