Today, while attending the Association of Business and Industry’s Annual Convention in Dubuque, Governor Reynolds signed several workforce bills into law, including the reduction of the maximum number of weeks eligible for unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 16 weeks, adjustments to child care ratios and age requirements for child care employees, and several licensing reform changes.  

“Together these bills send a clear message that we are committed to modernizing Iowa’s unemployment system and attracting new employees to Iowa’s workforce,” said Gov. Reynolds. “It’s no secret that Iowa, like the rest of the country, is facing a critical workforce shortage, but we cannot stand idle and allow employable Iowans to sit on the sidelines and we must implement practical and efficient changes that cut through bureaucratic red tape and assist employers with filling their critical vacancies. I’m confident these changes will encourage more Iowans to join the workforce and find a rewarding career while contributing to our economy.” 

The following bills were signed into law today:  

HF2355 A bill for an act relating to employment security benefits. 

HF2198 A bill for an act relating to child care center minimum age requirements for employees and staff-to-children ratios, and including effective date provisions. 

SF2383 A bill for an act relating to various matters under the purview of the state, including city and county inspections, work-based learning, recruitment of health care professionals, regulations affecting veterans and military spouses, insurance producer temporary licenses, and including applicability provisions.