The Boards and Commissions Review Committee will be holding its first meeting in Room 103 of the State Capitol (Old Supreme Court Chamber) on Monday, June 26, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. 

An agenda and additional information can be found online here

The Boards and Commissions Review Committee, created in the Governor’s alignment bill, is responsible for reviewing the efficiency and effectiveness of all boards, commissions, and other similar entities created in Iowa law and making recommendations for the continuation, elimination, consolidation, or reorganization of those boards and commissions as needed. The following individuals have been appointed to the Committee: 

Jacob Nicholson – Chief Operating Officer of the Iowa Governor’s Office 

Nate Ristow – Administrative Rules Coordinator 

Kraig Paulsen – Director of the Department of Management 

Larry Johnson – Director of the Department of Inspections, Appeals, and Licensing 

David Faith – Deputy Attorney General at the Office of the Attorney General of Iowa 

Barbara Sloniker – Public member appointed by the Governor 

Senator Jason Schultz (ex officio, non-voting member) 

Representative Jane Bloomingdale (ex officio, non-voting member) 

Senator Janice Weiner (ex officio, non-voting member) 

Representative Adam Zabner (ex officio, non-voting member) 

***Press and members of the public interested in attending virtually should RSVP with Kollin Crompton to receive additional information,***