Today, Gov. Kim Reynolds completed the Italian leg of her trade mission and will be traveling to Kosovo on Sunday. 

While in Italy, Gov. Reynolds met with Deputy Director General Beth Bechdol from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations about its work to promote global food security and how Iowa can contribute. Gov. Reynolds attended a meeting with Italy Minister of Enterprises Adolfo Urso to discuss deepening Iowa’s trade relationship and future investment opportunities. 

Gov. Reynolds attended meetings with Ferrero Group, one of the world’s largest sweet-packaged food companies and new owner of Wells Enterprises in Le Mars, Iowa; SPAL Automotive, a worldwide manufacturer of electric fans, blowers, and fluid pumps for vehicles and equipment whose North American sales and distribution center is located in Ankeny, Iowa; and Maschio Gaspardo, a worldwide manufacturer of agricultural equipment with its North American commercial branch in DeWitt, Iowa, to learn about their current operations and future growth opportunities in the state. 

To close out the Italian leg of her trade mission, Gov. Reynolds joined Veneto Region Vice President Elisa De Berti and renewed the Iowa-Veneto Sister State Agreement.  

“In 1997, Iowa and Veneto entered into a Sister State relationship. From then until now, Veneto has had a special place in the hearts and minds of Iowans,” said Gov. Kim Reynolds. “Our partnership is characterized by robust cultural exchanges from education and athletics to arts and culture. I hope our visit will serve to strengthen the special relationship between our people, which has already proven so fruitful.” 

Veneto Sister State

Gov. Kim Reynolds and Veneto Region Vice President Elisa De Berti after the renewal of the Iowa-Veneto Sister State Agreement