Gov. Kim Reynolds released the following statement in response to the Boards and Commissions Review Committee submitting their final recommendation:  

“I appreciate the committee’s in-depth analysis and examination of Iowa’s Boards and Commissions, along with the thousands of Iowans who submitted feedback to the committee. The final report gives insight into how to ensure the most effective and efficient way to preserve Iowans’ engagement in their government. This comprehensive review of Iowa’s 256 boards and commissions was recommended by the Economic Recovery Advisory Board, created as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and represents the first of its kind. I look forward to submitting a bill to the legislature for consideration next year.” 

The Boards and Commissions Review Committee, created in the Governor’s alignment bill, was responsible for reviewing the efficiency and effectiveness of all boards, commissions, and other similar entities created in Iowa law. Based on the Committee’s review, its members submitted its final recommendation, which can be found online here. The Committee was required to submit the final report containing its final findings and recommendations to the governor and the general assembly no later than September 30, 2023.