Today, Governor Kim Reynolds released the following three bills to House and Senate leadership:  

Foreign Ownership of Land: Building on Iowa’s already strong laws by enhancing registration and reporting requirements with the Secretary of State’s office, enhancing enforcement action through the Attorney General’s Office, and increasing penalties for nefarious actors. 

“As I traveled across the state, farmers and concerned Iowans have expressed the need for tougher legislation and I agree. Iowa has been a leader with one of the toughest foreign land ownership laws in the country being enacted back in the seventies,” said Gov. Kim Reynolds. “Allowing foreign adversaries to undermine the agricultural dominance of our farmers only makes America weaker. American farmland should remain in American hands.” 

Rules: Requires that each rule undergoes a cost-benefit analysis before it is first enacted and establishes a five-year sunset on all rule chapters unless they undergo a regular comprehensive evaluation to determine their necessity and effectiveness. 

ESG: Protects Iowa's public funds by prohibiting contracting with investment firms that elevate social issues over financial returns.