Governor Reynolds today issued the following statement on Senate passage of HF 2612 to reform Iowa’s Area Education Agencies, improve special education outcomes, and raise teacher salaries for new and experienced teachers: 

“Today’s vote by the Senate sends a strong message: every Iowa student deserves a world class education, and the compensation of every Iowa teacher should reflect the importance of their role. 

“Over the last several weeks, this bill has been the focus of much discussion and debate. Change is seldom easy, but it is necessary to achieve better results. Reforming the AEA system creates accountability, transparency, consistency, and most importantly, better outcomes for all Iowa’s students. 

“I want to thank Senate leadership, as well as the education committee members and legislators who worked to keep the conversation moving forward. I also want to express my deep appreciation to the school district superintendents, administrators, teachers, board members and others who took the time to meet with us and discuss both the challenges and opportunities the bill presented. Their insight was invaluable to reaching a compromise. 

“I look forward to the work ahead to implement this bill and the possibilities it holds for Iowa’s students."