Today, Governor Kim Reynolds signed SF 2204 into law, a bill for an act relating to interests in agricultural land acquired or held by foreign businesses, foreign governments, or nonresident aliens, or by agents, trustees, or fiduciaries thereof, by providing for registration and reporting requirements, providing for enforcement, and providing penalties. 

“Iowa’s laws on foreign ownership of land have long been recognized as some of the strongest in the nation, with other states looking to us when crafting their own policies. Yet, in the decades since we first addressed this issue, adversaries like China have grown significantly more aggressive on the world stage, constantly looking for any opening to assert themselves at the expense of our country. One all-too-common weapon in this battle is the purchase of American farmland. 

“Our state’s fertile soil and unmatched production capacity make us a natural target for this strategy. Our farm families produce 10 percent of the nation’s food supply and Iowa ranks as America’s top producer of biofuels. That makes us a natural leader in the race to stave off the evolving threat to American agriculture. When Iowa speaks, the country listens. And with this bill our message is unmistakable: American soil belongs in American hands.”