Gov. Kim Reynolds released the following statement in response to SF 2385 being sent to the Governor’s desk for signature:  

“Last year, I introduced and signed into law legislation that aligned state government to more effectively and efficiently deliver better services to Iowans. It cut 21 agencies from my cabinet, reduced government bureaucracy, and made state government more responsive to the people of Iowa. We are already seeing the results with increased responsiveness to Iowans and cost savings to taxpayers.  

“Government works for the people, not the other way around. We should be consistently reviewing and improving the quality of services we provide. The bill headed to my desk today is a continuation of that work. It eliminates unnecessary and redundant boards and commissions, returning accountability to the people of Iowa through their elected representatives. Iowa’s boards and commissions have never been comprehensively reviewed and adjusted for effectiveness, only growing in numbers and scope over our state’s history. Today, we reverse that trend.”