Today, Governor Kim Reynolds released the following statement in response to the EPA issuing an emergency waiver for E-15 sales this summer:  

“I am pleased to see the EPA issue this waiver, allowing cheaper, cleaner burning E-15 to be sold this summer. This is a huge victory for Iowa farmers, American energy independence, and consumers. However, it comes after a disappointing decision to delay implementation to permit year-round sales of E-15 in eight midwestern states. The call for this action came from a coalition of Midwest Governors two years ago, and unjustified delays have only prolonged the uncertainty for consumers, fuel retailers, ethanol producers, and farmers. 

“I want to thank Attorney General Brenna Bird and Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig for their work in advocating on behalf of Iowa biofuels. Without us working together as a team, this victory would not have been possible.”