Today, Governor Kim Reynolds signed Senate File 2251, a bill for an act relating to eligibility for pregnant women and infants under the Medicaid program, and including effective date provisions.  

“Being pro-life means supporting mothers and strong families. By extending post-partum Medicaid coverage for thousands of new moms, we will set new families on a path to prosperity and opportunity,” said Gov. Kim Reynolds. “Thank you to the legislature for passing this pro-family bill with bipartisan support.” 

The governor also signed several other bills into law today: 

HF 2466: A bill for an act relating to the administration of elections. 

HF 2667: A bill for an act relating to the treasurer of state’s duties, including Iowa educational savings plan trust and Iowa ABLE savings plan trust requirements and disposition of unclaimed property, and including retroactive applicability provisions. 

HF 674: A bill for an act relating to vehicles, including by providing for registration and titling of motor vehicles by any county treasurer, by modifying related fees and the amount of fees retained by county treasurers, and the definitions of terms for purposes of motor vehicle franchisers, and including effective date provisions. 

SF 461: A bill for an act to include veterans in the small business linked investments program. 

SF 2430: A bill for an act relating to the correction and substitution of death certificates. 

SF 2405: A bill for an act modifying provisions related to the distribution formula for general state financial aid to community colleges and including applicability provisions. 

HF 626: A bill for an act relating to continuity of care and nonmedical switching by health carriers, health benefit plans, and utilization review organizations, and including applicability provisions.