Today, Gov. Kim Reynolds signed HF 2673, a bill that aligns Iowa’s 32 disconnected mental health and substance use regions into 7 unified behavioral health districts to improve outcomes for Iowans, into law. 

“Today, we align Iowa’s 32 separate mental health and substance use service regions into one, unified behavioral health system, a plan I am proud to say the legislature passed with overwhelming bipartisan support,” said Governor Reynolds. “By bringing services together in this way, we will enable better coordination of care supporting the best possible outcomes for each individual. It’s what Iowans deserve, and it’s what we intend to deliver.” 

“The new system will be comprised of seven districts, each with a lead agency and an advisory board to maintain strong local connections. Additionally, each district will be required to provide a standard set of core services, ensuring consistent care systemwide. Finally, the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services, under the exceptional leadership of Director Kelly Garcia, will define district boundaries and required services, implement performance metrics, and provide the necessary oversight of the system.”