Today at Horizon Science Academy in Des Moines, Governor Kim Reynolds signed SF 2368, a bill for an act relating to education, including by modifying provisions related to the sale of real property by school districts, charter school and open enrollment funding, and the participation in school activities by students enrolled in charter schools, into law. 

Additionally, the governor announced a new $7 million charter school grant program that will support infrastructure costs, awarding up to $500,000 for new charter schools and up to $200,000 for existing schools. The grant program will be available through the Iowa Department of Education and the application period will open on June 3, 2024.  

“Public charter schools provide yet another school choice for parents and guardians looking for the education that’s best suited for their children’s abilities and needs. Charter schools are tuition-free, independently operated public schools that have the freedom to design their curriculum and classrooms to meet specific educational objectives. Some specialize in STEM, foreign languages, and providing at-risk youth with resources and opportunities to succeed in the classroom,” said Gov. Kim Reynolds. “Today, by signing this bill and launching a new infrastructure grant program for start-up and expansion costs, we take a bold step in expanding the charter school opportunities to parents and students across the state.”