Governor Reynolds today issued her eleventh executive order since taking office. As part of an ongoing government alignment initiative to improve efficiency and effectiveness, executive orders dating back to 1964 have been reviewed to determine whether they should continue as necessary, be amended, or be rescinded.  

"Executive order 11 reinforces my commitment to align aspects of state government that will improve service to Iowans,” said Governor Reynolds. β€œJust as my administration has aligned executive branch departments, reduced burdensome rules and regulations, and eliminated unnecessary boards and commissions, amending or rescinding outdated executive orders will provide greater clarity about current priorities intended to move our state forward, while still honoring those of our past.” 

Executive order 11 specifies past orders should be rescinded because: 

  • They have achieved or outlived their original purpose, or the work has been completed; 
  • The responsibilities have since been operationalized by a state agency, council, or task force; 
  • The duties, entities, programs, and/or responsibilities have been substantially or wholly codified by federal and/or state law; or 
  • The duties, entities, programs, and/or responsibilities are no longer necessary or are outdated. 

Executive order 11 identifies 62 executive orders to be rescinded and two for amendment. Nine of the rescinded executive orders were issued by Governor Harold Hughes; 19 by Governor Robert Ray; 13 by Governor Terry Branstad during his first administration; 10 by Governor Tom Vilsack; four by Governor Chet Culver; another five from the second Branstad administration; and two by Governor Kim Reynolds. Additionally, one executive order from Governor Reynolds will be amended. 

Executive orders remain in effect unless they expire on their own terms, are rescinded, or superseded. All executive orders, including those that are amended or rescinded, will remain documented and publicly available through Iowa’s Legislative Services Agency (LSA) publications.