Holding Government Accountable to Iowans 

When state government operates efficiently and effectively, the result is better service to its people and better stewardship of taxpayer dollars. That was the purpose of the government alignment initiative undertaken by Governor Reynolds a year ago. Now several months into implementation, the early results indicate it’s accomplishing the intended goals. Cabinet departments have been streamlined, silos eliminated, and taxpayer dollars saved. 

Alignment legislation also created a committee to review some 250-plus state boards and commissions created over decades, to determine whether systemic and structural changes are needed to better serve today’s needs. 

The Boards and Commissions Review Committee, comprised of members from the executive branch, legislative branch, and the public, completed a thorough review of all statutorily created boards and commissions this past year.  

Following a series of public meetings, the committee made recommendations based upon the thoughtful review of information received from the public and data submitted by the boards themselves. 

The Governor also signed Executive Order 10, directing a review of Iowa’s administrative code to reduce rules and regulations that, over time, have become counter-productive and stand in the way of economic growth. 

Agencies have proposed repealing one-third of the administrative rules reviewed in 2023 and reducing the overall page count of the rule chapters reviewed last year by approximately 40%. 

This common-sense approach to governing ensures Iowa is accountable to the people it serves. 

Governor Reynolds proposes: 

  • Implementing the recommendations of the Boards and Commissions Review Committee. 
  • Updating Iowa code to include a regular review process for administrative rules and regulations. 

Boards and Commissions 

Create an ongoing process to ensure boards and commissions are meeting the needs of Iowans. 

  • Require boards and commissions to undergo a five-year review to be reinstated. 
  • Require a three-fifths vote of the Legislature to create a new board or commission. 
  • Eliminate the current gender balance requirement for boards and commissions. 
  • Eliminate defunct, duplicative, ineffective, or inefficient boards and commissions. 
  • Consolidate or merge related boards into a single board that focuses more broadly on an industry, profession, or group. 


Administrative Rules and Regulations 

Ensure a regular and comprehensive evaluation of administrative rules to determine necessity and effectiveness with the intent to cut red tape and improve the regulatory environment in Iowa. 

  • Require a five-year review process for all rules that includes a regulatory analysis. 
  • Require a statement of intent to promulgate new rules which must include a public comment period and approval prior to drafting the proposed rule. 
Gov. Reynolds with her entire cabinet directors team