Protecting Iowa’s Farmland 

Governor Reynolds is deeply committed to preserving Iowa’s proud farming tradition and its reputation as an agricultural powerhouse. Her record includes policies that support farm families, enhance market opportunities, and reinforce the diversity of Iowa’s ag industry for generations to come. 

To that end, it’s essential that Iowa maintain and advance its competitive edge in the global marketplace and secure its farmland at home by strengthening state laws regarding foreign ownership of land. 

Foreign Ownership of Land 

Iowa is known for having the strongest, most comprehensive laws on the books for monitoring and restricting nonresident aliens, foreign entities, or foreign governments from owning land. In fact, many states have looked to Iowa’s laws when crafting their own. This year, Iowa can continue to lead by enhancing our existing laws. 

  • Require additional information from entities on mandatory reports filed with the Secretary of State each year, including complete ownership structure for an entity and a complete list of landholdings in the United States. 

  • Enhance enforcement by granting the Attorney General subpoena powers to further investigate suspected wrongdoing, ensuring bad actors are exposed and held accountable. 

  • Increase financial penalties for failing to register with the Secretary of State or falsifying information on registration or ongoing reports. 

  • Require the Secretary of State to file an annual report to the Governor and General Assembly on all records of foreign land ownership for both new purchases and existing land holdings.